Our Experience

Acquisitions & Disposals

Transactions are very significant events in a company’s life. Good communications play a critical role in presenting the case for a proposed acquisition, merger or disposal. Our role is to ensure that the market understands and appreciates the strategic logic for the transaction whilst working to ensure that the reputation of management is maintained through the process – whatever the outcome.

The pace of communication is significantly swifter and more critical during a transaction. The scrutiny of management, its words and actions, is more intense and the consequences of poor communication are far more significant.

At Tulchan, the senior advisers have participated in a huge number of major and highly contentious transactions. We understand the differing communication needs of defence or bidding. We know how to present an agreed transaction to the benefit of both parties. We have defended against phoney offers and have been both ‘hugger’ and ‘hugged.’ We understand the dynamics of an auction process, from both the buy and sell side and we can run a dual track process with confidence. We have done low profile IPO’s that hardly merited any attention to some of the most high profile offers for sale – we also know how not to do it, and that can be of even more value.

We have learnt from experience of the importance of managing your communications through the cycle of a transaction, from inception to conclusion, and are always focused on supporting the desired outcome. We plan the communications carefully, and have a strategy that we update and evolve as events unfold. We know how to deploy the management team, the company’s advisors and the Board to best effect. We understand communication’s role in the process and ensure that it takes up the minimum time for the maximum effect.