Our People

I love this life. We sit at the nexus of the City and the Capital Markets, a rapidly changing media and at the heart of Business. Building a strong corporate reputation is now a core management discipline. How a company communicates makes a real difference and impacts shareholder value. I thoroughly enjoy working with our clients to help them improve their financial communications and meet the constant challenge for disclosure from the markets and the media.

Andrew Grant - Founder

+44 (0) 20 7353 4200

Over that time I have had the privilege to be both an observer of, and advisor to, a wide range of companies, great and small, domestic and International, as they have grappled with the issue of how to communicate effectively their strategy, actions and ambitions. It is as if I have been at, and continue to study at, one of the world’s greatest business schools. It is this experience that I bring to our clients.

I have experienced the drama of takeover bids, demergers, IPO’s, disposals and acquisitions. I have helped to launch strategic reviews, recovery plans and evolutionary strategies. I have counselled management as they have come and gone, been divided from their Boards (or vice versa) or united in a common cause. I have helped to draft announcements that reflect the good times, the harsh recessionary times and all parts of the cycle in between. In each case I have been able to see how the markets and the financial media have reacted to the news and covered the story. Whilst each event has been unique in the detail and the characters, every time I have drawn on something that has gone before.

My role here at Tulchan is threefold; to bring together the best possible collection of people, with deep and complementary experience, to work together for the benefit of our clients; to be a source of advice and experience to them as they work to deliver the best advice and execution for their clients and to ensure that Tulchan as a whole delivers on our commitments. Finally I aim to be a trusted and independent advisor to any of our clients where my experience may be of benefit. It is a role that I relish and one that I find both endlessly challenging and satisfying.