Our Experience

Crisis Communications

There are moments in a Company's life when - for a brief time - normal times are suspended. The company and its management can become caught up in an intense situation that is all consuming, with intense scrutiny from the media and markets, which can be critical to the future of the company and it's management. At times such as these, how a company manages its communications is vital.

Our experience of advising on many of the world’s largest hostile takeovers has equipped us well to advise at these times. We know both what processes a company needs to put in place to manage through the critical period and how to engage with a voracious media, hungry for the next piece of news. We understand the need for swift reactions, simple but effective messaging and preparing for each turn of the news cycle.

We provide both the strategic plan as well as the tactical execution. There are few other advisory firms with our experience or record of effective delivery.