Our Experience

IPO Communications, Fund Raisings & Listings

The Capital Markets exist to enable companies to raise permanent capital. To successfully raise new equity companies need to come to the market with a compelling equity story; a clear strategy for sustainable growth; a well respected management team and an effective Board. This is also a time when the essence and character of a company is both scrutinised and defined.

There is a well established process for achieving a listing or IPO. Our long experience of working on such transactions means we understand completely how to be an effective member of your advisory group and of the critical role that communications can play in your success.

Our objective, as your advisor, is to ensure that your investment case is clear, concise and portable. We devise a communications strategy that builds the reputation of the company and confidence in management. We do so within the confines and constraints of the IPO timetable and regulations. We aim to identify those issues that will need to be addressed as part of the IPO programme. We help to build your relationships with the sell side analysts and sector journalists. We act as an authoritative source – either on the record or on background – and throughout we monitor closely what is said about the company and the IPO process to ensure that you have the best information for decision making.