Our People

Expert independent advice; high levels of client service

Tulchan has, from its inception, specialised in financial communications. This focus informs everything we do from our recruitment, to how we structure our services, to our training and development programme.

At Tulchan our most important differentiator is that whilst we have a senior team of Partners and Directors with strong and respected relationships with all parts of the financial media in print, online and in the digital blogsphere, we also have the greatest depth of capital markets expertise of any firm in our industry.

All of our Directors’ experience is rooted in understanding the demands of the capital markets and our Analysts, Sector Specialists and Associates undergo continual training in this area. Unlike any other firm like ours, we have a Capital Markets Coach, whose sole responsibility is to improve the financial and technical skills within the firm.

Also at the heart of our approach is a commitment that our most senior talent should spend more time with fewer clients. As a consequence we expect to have a deeper and more thorough understanding of clients, their businesses, strategy and ambitions. This makes us better advisors to our clients as well as more effective advocates for our clients amongst market participants and the financial media.

To ensure that we offer consistently high levels of service and support to our clients we have adopted a structure that means that we have dedicated teams focusing on each element of our service to those clients.

Working for Tulchan

If your enquiry is about employment, and you think Tulchan might be the place for you, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us at: recruitment@tulchangroup.com