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Never before has the role of business in society been under such scrutiny. Increasingly, companies are recognising that how they communicate will influence the market’s perception of them, their reputation and even their valuation. Communications is now part of a chief executive’s job description.

Peter Hewer

+44 (0) 20 7353 4200

I joined Tulchan in 2004 because the firm was pushing the boundaries of capital markets communications, taking it to a new level. In my previous life as a corporate broker, it had seemed that communications practitioners were there to simply sweep up after an event. At Tulchan, we believe our role is strategic – true value lies in our ability to anticipate the market reaction and ensure our clients are always fully prepared.

We sit at the boardroom table of some of the biggest companies and contribute to the strategic debate. I am part of the advisory team offering honest and independent advice. I speak to my clients almost every day, I am part of their team; there is a real sense of unity.