Our Experience

Private Equity & Infrastructure Funds

Tulchan has an unrivalled depth of experience advising Private Equity Groups, the companies they own and many types of investment funds.

We work with PE clients in a number of different ways; we implement on-going media engagement programmes for the principals to enhance relationships and ensure that the fund’s performance and investment philosophy is well understood; we work on transactions and during significant events and we work with firms during their critical fund-raising cycles.

We have a dedicated Analyst and Sector Specialist covering the sector providing live media, including digital media, monitoring, company and competitor analysis, daily and weekly news and PE briefings.

Infrastructure investors tend to be seen as a class apart from either the traditional long only investor or the Private Equity firm or hedge fund. The longer time horizon of ownership tends to be well regarded, however this is often countered by concerns over the sensitive nature of the assets they own. The ability to demonstrate strong governance is important as there is often very little direct accountability from the owners of the assets to the public that both use and rely upon it. A good reputation for operational effectiveness is also a necessary requirement for successful sustained investment.

We have acted for a number of specialist infrastructure funds, for divisions of larger pension and investment groups and also for individual investors and consortiums when acquiring or divesting of assets. In addition to the reputational issues that these funds face we also have a thorough understanding of the regulatory regimes that impact many of the asset classes in which these funds like to invest.

Core Programme

  • Media engagement strategy and programme;
  • Acting as media spokesperson;
  • Media intelligence & tactics;
  • Authoritative media advocacy;
  • Routine investments and disposals;
  • Monitoring events in the industry;
  • Production and distribution of the daily PE briefing.


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