Our Experience

Publicly Quoted Companies

Good communications supports the creation of shareholder value. There are many examples of poor communications leading to a loss of corporate reputation with a significant impact on value.

A share price is the market’s judgement of a company; distilling the combined views and investment capital of all market participants on a company’s strategy, prospects, financial strength and management reputation into a single financial metric. The influences on that judgement are many. At Tulchan, our focus and expertise is on working with companies to communicate effectively with the shareholder community and to the two critical audiences that influence them – the sell side analyst community and the financial media.

All of our Consultants’ experience is rooted in understanding the demands of the Financial markets. They have extensive experience of working with companies to develop and present a compelling investment case, managing their relationships with the sell side community and have strong and respected relationships with all parts of the financial media in print, broadcast and digital.

Opinion Formers

Sell Side Analysts

The sell side analyst community perform two critical roles. Collectively they set expectations for the performance of a company and its management and they also act as the most vocal public participants in the debate over value, strategy and management. They are the first to publish a reaction to any corporate announcement and their judgements drive share prices and the sentiment of the financial media.

Financial Media

The financial media now gives a 24 hour running commentary and analysis of corporate events and their market impact. Most of the time the media is driven by market sentiment, but on occasion it’s the journalists that drive the news stories and create a media atmosphere around a company or a situation that significantly impacts share prices and reputation.

Core Programme

  • Preparation of a strategic financial communications plan;
  • Advising upon the preparation of all statutory results announcements and presentations;
  • Investor and strategy days;
  • Financial media engagement programme;
  • Independent advocacy;
  • Monitoring of market expectations;
  • Peer monitoring and analysis;
  • Digital best practice;
  • Market & media reaction analysis.