Our People

I joined Tulchan after 18 years as a journalist. Eight years on and I have never regretted the move. Much as I loved journalism, I felt that the real “story” often remained hidden. I wanted to get behind the headlines and understand companies and business people even better.

Susanna Voyle

+44 (0) 20 7353 4200

I knew Tulchan well and had always been impressed with what excellent advocates Tulchan Consultants were for their clients and realised that Tulchan was the right place for me to pursue that understanding.

I tend to work for companies that are consumer facing and firmly in the media spotlight. I want my clients to feel that in Tulchan they have the most reliable advisor for those high-intensity times. That is only possible because we limit the number of clients the senior team works on. This has allowed me to invest time and energy into developing strong, deep, long-term relationships. I know I am not alone at Tulchan when I say I feel very passionate about my clients.