The Tulchan Group

All major companies, whether publicly quoted or privately held, need access to the capital markets. The ability to raise either equity or debt finance is fundamental to a company’s ability to transact, invest and grow. Professional and effective communication lie at the heart of a company’s ability to build and sustain the confidence of the capital markets in its business, strategy and management team.

Tulchan specialises in advising companies on their Capital Market Communications and engaging with the financial media that plays such a critical part in determining reputation.

At the heart of our approach lies the preparation and articulation of a compelling investment case, wrapped in a strong corporate narrative. We work very closely with our clients to prepare a financial communications programme that communicates their strategic objectives as well as setting and meeting the demands of the capital markets. We prepare extensively for each announcement, presentation and interview. We try to ensure that together we have identified the expectations of the market and the media as well as accurately forecast their likely reaction.

In addition to our client’s regular communications with the markets we have extensive experience of providing communications advice on acquisitions and disposals; IPOs and demergers as well as significant fund raisings.

Andrew Grant, founder of Tulchan explains the beginnings of the company