The State of Stewardship report

The State of Stewardship report

UK plc chairs call for a reappraisal of relations with their institutional shareholder base


The capital markets are a fundamentally important part of our society. They provide business with capital for growth and investment and at times of extreme stress - the financial crisis or Covid - a source of survival capital. They also provide the nation's savers and pensioners, with the opportunity to see their savings earn an enhanced return.

The health of the relationship between a company and its shareholders is thus critical. Unfortunately, it appears that in recent years, this relationship has become increasingly uncomfortable.

The State of Stewardship report investigates the sentiment in UK boardrooms today. After speaking with 35 chairs, 26 of which were from FTSE 100 companies, plus nine leading figures from the world of institutional investment, this report provides a rich set of insights from some of our most important business leaders, with the aim of initiating a discussion about how to work together more effectively to serve the long-term interests of all stakeholders.

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Below, hear the report’s authors, Mark Burgess and Andrew Gowers, discuss the key concerns of many FTSE 100 chairs regarding the current state of relations between company boards and their institutional shareholders.